Conference 2019

The Commonwealth Centre for Connected Learning held an international conference ‘Post-truth Society: from Fake News, Datafication and Mass Surveillance to the Death of Trust’ in Valletta, Malta on 10-11 October, 2019.

Conference Focus

The interdisciplinary conference started from the basic premise that truth does matter; and that norms associated with a democratic society, such as the common good, responsibility, ethics and civic engagement are under attack with the emergence of the Post-truth Society.

Its objective was to explore four inter-connected sectors – Technology, Media, Education and Government – and assess their roles both as solutions or contributors to the Post-truth society.

Speakers, panelists and delegates engaged with case studies and research, levering on their first-hand experiences to develop strategies and actions that might mitigate the consequences of the post-truth society. In the process, the conference took stock and unpacked myths and addressed the many contradictions associated with post-truths.

Speakers set the stage for focused breakout sessions and workshops and led discussions on specific subjects within the overriding themes. The programme was structured to ensure every opportunity for delegates to engage and have a voice in shaping the conference outcomes.

The conference addressed a set of critical questions, including:


  • What price is being paid for a data-driven and algorithmically controlled society?
  • Are blockchain & AI contributors to decentralisation or are they indicative of problems to come?


  • Is the notion of a media for the public good still relevant in the era of fake news and datafication?


  • How can education systems empower millennials and post-millennials to navigate the Post-Truth society?
  • Are media literacy and open education still fit for purpose?


  • Can regulatory frameworks contribute to citizen trust?
  • Does datafication lead to mass surveillance societies?

Conference participants were drawn from a diversity of sectors but who were connected in their search for responses to the post-truth world. It saw an interdisciplinary gathering of policy makers, technologists, media educators, the open education community, media specialists, businesses, researchers, activists and students.

Conference Partners

British High Commission, Malta edit
Learning Machine
Times of Malta - conference partner
Ministry for Education & Employment, Malta