Post-truth Conference 2019

Understanding the Post-truth society. Implications, resistance and collective action.


The Commonwealth Centre for Connected Learning in collaboration with Centrum Cyfrowe invites you to an international conference at the Mediterranean Conference Centre in Valletta, Malta on 10-11 October, 2019.

Conference Focus

The interdisciplinary conference starts from the basic premise that truth does matter; and that norms associated with a democratic society, such as the common good, responsibility, ethics and civic engagement are under attack with the emergence of the Post-truth Society.

Our objective is to explore four inter-connected sectors – education, technology, media and government – and assess their roles both as solutions or contributors to the Post-truth society.

We engage with case studies and research, levering on the first-hand experiences of delegates to develop strategies and actions that may mitigate the consequences of the post-truth society. In the process, we hope to take stock, unpack myths and address the many contradictions associated with post-truths.

The conference will address a set of critical questions, including:

  • Are media literacy and open education still fit for purpose in the Post-truth society?
  • Can digital literacy skills become the norm for millennials and post-millennials? 
  • How can media literacy contribute to informed public debate and a reinvigorated public sphere?
  • Can the vision of open education and free knowledge adapt to a society that is increasingly data-driven and algorithmically controlled?

Conference proceedings and outputs

Rather than hosting one-way presentations and panels, our intention is to create a space for co-learning, networking and discussions. Both programme days start with keynotes that set the stage for more focused breakout sessions and workshops, and end with a World Cafe networking session. Delegates will have time to seek alliances and map out opportunities exploring the themes further.

Through this event, we intend to define a shared agenda that may inform a collective response to the challenges of the Post-truth society. This agenda will be presented in a post-conference brief. The conference also has a call for papers with the objective of publishing a book of selected research papers in Q1 2020. A peer-review board made up from academics and post-doctoral researchers has been put in place for this purpose.

Who should attend?

The conference should be of interest to thinkers and doers from all sectors – people looking for solutions to the post-truth world. It is particularly useful for policy makers, technologists, media educators, the open education community, media specialists, businesses, researchers, activists and students.

Calls are open for speakers and researchers and delegate registration is opening shortly. In the interim, you may also contact us by emailing