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The Commonwealth Centre for Connected Learning (3CL) operates as a knowledge hub for a global network of groups, agencies, institutions, educators and activists interested in the rapid deployment of programmes for connected learning in the Commonwealth and the EU. The Centre is an international foundation set up by the Ministry for Education and Employment in Malta in collaboration with the Commonwealth of Learning. For more about our remit and role, see our Strategic Plan, 2019-2021 >>

About connected learning

The principles of connected learning have been part of the education vernacular for several years and before the advent of the Internet. They are built on the three core values of social equity, full participation and social connection. Connected learning advocates broadened access to learning and rather than focusing on a specific technology platform or pedagogy, the focus is exclusively on the learner experience.

What we do

The Centre's service portfolio includes: Knowledge Brokerage (focusing on matching stakeholder needs with wants); Applied Research ( focusing on Small States, New Media Literacies and 21st Century Skills); Accreditation & Certification of Online Learning; Open Education (focusing on grassroots advocacy and lobbying with policy-makers); Teacher Training; & Inclusion & Equity through Digital Education.

Get involved

The Centre can activate an extensive global network to support rapid deployment of projects in the Commonwealth and the EU that can serve as models of best practice for connected learning. We welcome the submission of projects and connecting with prospective partner organisations. If you would like to participate in the Centre as a stakeholder, partner or expert, please get in touch.
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